All Zombies will appear download Update Versions and Patch final version

Zombie Dog Walker

when in file found Moves like Gargantuar and later Replaced Balloon Zombie

Dog Zombie

this zombie speed and motion with Fast speed with Football Zombie


Pet zombie later replaced Zombie Seagull

Zombie Grave

this found Files Game

Hero Cleopatra Zombie

in game Pvz 2 game found code download with final Version


Roof Night Level 1

Roof Night Level 2

Roof Night Level 3

Roof Night Level 4

Roof Night Level 5

Roof Night Level 6

Roof Night Level 7

Roof Night Level 8

Roof Night Level 9

Roof Night Level 10

Roof Night Level 11

Roof Night Level 12

Roof Night Level 13

Roof Night Level 14

Roof Night Level 15

Level 15 was final level

Beach the Old Big Wave Beach

Beach is a Upcoming World is will released October 14 2014

New Plants

Lilly Pad

New Zombies

Beach Zombie

Beach Conehead Zombie

Beach Buckethead Zombie

Female Beach Zombie

Female Conehead Zombie

Female Buckethead Zombie

Flag Beach Zombie

Beach Imp

Swimmer Imp

Sea Gargantuar

Swimmer Beacher

Zombot Sharktronic Mecha - 19245-6

Ice Age the Old Frostbite Caves

New Plants

Hot Potato

Chard Guard

Pepper Pult

New Zombies

Frostbite Zombie

Frostbite Conehead zombie

Frostbite Buckethead Zombie

Ice Cube Zombie

Frostbite Flag Zombie

Frostbite Imp

Hunter Zombie

Frostbite Gargantuar

Zombie Dodo


Snow Weasel

Weasel Hoarder

Zombot Tuskmaster 2400 BC

Jungle Ages the Old Lost City

new Plants

Red Stinger



New Zombies

Jungle Zombie

Jungle Conehead Zombie

Jungle Buckethead Zombie

Bug Zombie

Bug Conehead Zombie

Bug Buckethead Zombie

Jungle Flag Zombie

Jungle Imp

Porter Gargantuar

80's world the Old Neon Mixtape Tour

New Plants

Phat Beet

New Zombies

80's Zombie

80's Conehead Zombie

80's Buckethead Zombie

80's Flag Zombie

Arcade Zombie

80's Imp

80's Gargantuar

Punk Zombie

Break Dancer Zombie

Nyan Zombie

Rap Zombie

Boombox Zombie

8 bit Zombie

8 bit conehead Zombie

8 bit Buckethead Zombie

8 bit Flag Zombie

8 bit Imp

Zombot Multi Stage Masher

Mesozoic Marsh the old Jurassic Marsh

New Plants

Primal Peasthooter

Primal Sunflower

Primal Wall Nut

Primal Potato Mine

Perfume Shroom

New Zombies

Mesozoic Zombie

Mesozoic Conehead Zombie

Mesozoic Buckethead Zombie

Blockhead Triceratops Zombie

Mesozoic Flag Zombie

Primal Imp

Primal Gargantuar

Bully Zombie

Zombot Dinotric Mechasaur

Time Twister the old Modern Day

New Plants



Shadow Shroom

Dusk Lobber


New Zombies

Time Twister Zombie

Time Twister Conehead Zombie

Time Twister Buckethead Zombie

Time Twister Blockhead Brick Zombie

Time Twister Trash can Head Zombie

Time Twister Flag Zombie

Twister Imp

Twister Gargantuar

Football Zombie

Super Fan Imp

Balloon Zombie

Newspaper Zombie

Sunday Edition Zombie

Giga Football Zombie

Zombot Edge George