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Big Money!


PopCap Games


PopCap Games


Jason Kapalka


Puzzle, Tile-Matching


E for Everyone

Big Money! is a computer puzzle game created by PopCap Games. It plays very similar to Collapse, which in turn is similar to SameGame.

Gameplay Edit

The game takes place on a grid full of colored coins. Like in Collapse and SameGame, the player must click on groups of three or more same colored coins to make them disappear. On the side of the screen is the "Money Meter". It is increased by removing coins from the board, and once it is filled up, a money bag will drop into the playfield. It is collected if the coins underneath it are removed. When the player collects the required amount of money bags, the next level will begin.

The game has two main modes. In "Action Mode", the coins rise constantly, while in "Strategy Mode", the coins will only rise when the player clears a group. In the full version only, there is also a "Puzzle Mode", where the player must clear a certain coin arrangement.

The player is assigned rankings based on score. The rankings are, in order: hole digger, fry cook, temp, CEO, and venture capitalist.

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