Plants Vs. Zombies


Temporarily Immobilizes All Zombies on the Screen

The Ice-Shroom is a Plant in Plants Vs. Zombies. It temporarily immobilizes all Zombies on-screen.

Description Edit

The Ice Shroom looks like a large blue lump. He has a big frown on his face, apparently because he had a childhood accident which left him permanently frowning, according to the Almanac. Snow is gathered at his base, and he has big ice crystals on the top of his head, similar to that of the Snow Pea, on the back of his head, only bigger.

Almanac Entry Edit


Ice-shrooms temporarily immobilize all zombies on the screen.

Damage: very light, immobilizes zombies

Range: all zombies on the screen

Usage: single use, instant

Sleeps during the day

Ice-shroom frowns, not because he's unhappy or because he disapproves, but because of a childhood injury that left his facial nerves paralyzed.

Cost: 75

Recharge: very slow

See Also Edit

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