Plants Vs. Zombies


When Placed, Destroys an Entire Row of Zombies

The Jalapeno, also called the Chilli-Pepper is a Plant in Plants Vs. Zombies. When planted, it can destroy an entire row of Zombies.

Description Edit

A Jalapeno appears exactly like a Chilli Pepper, the only difference being that its crazed and angry eyes and its angered and clenched mouth.

Almanac Entry Edit


Jalapenos destroy an entire lane of zombies.

Damage: massive

Range: all zombies in a lane

Usage: single use, instant

"NNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!" Jalapeno says. He's not going to explode, not this time. But soon. Oh, so soon. It's close. He knows it, he can feel it, his whole life's been leading up to this moment.

Cost: 125

Recharge: very slow

See Also Edit


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