Lily Pad


Plants Vs. Zombies


Allows Non-Aquatic Plants to be Planted On Top Of It In Water

The Lily Pad is a Plant in Plants Vs. Zombies. It allows Non-Aquatic Plants to be planted on top of it in water. It can be upgraded into a Cattail, which is the only Aquatic Plant that can be planted on top of it. Potato Mines, Spikeweed, and Spikerock cannot be planted on top of it, and also Tangle Kelp and Sea-Shrooms.

Description Edit

The Lily Pad appears exactly like a Water Lily, the only difference being is that the Lily Pad has tiny yellow eyes.

Almanac Entry Edit

Lily Pad

Lily Pads let you plant non-aquatic plants on top of them.

Special: non-aquatic plants can be planted on top of it

Must be planted in water

Lily Pad never complains. Lily Pad never wants to know what's going on. Put a plant on top of Lily Pad, he won't say a thing. Does he have startling opinions or shocking secrets? Nobody knows. Lily Pad keeps it all inside.

Cost: 25

Recharge: fast

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