Plants Vs. Zombies


Fires Two Peas At A Time

The Repeater is a Plant in Plants Vs. Zombies. It fires two peas at a time. Its name is a play on the word Pea.

Description Edit

A Repeater appears exactly like a Peashooter, with a rounded toube for the mouth, a stem, and leaves at the base of the plant, the only differences is that Repeater has eyebrows, making him look angry.

Almanac Entry Edit


Repeaters fire two peas at a time.

Damage: normal (for each pea)

Firing Speed: 2x

Repeater is fierce. He's from the streets. He doesn't take attitude from anybody, plant or zombie, and he shoots peas to keep people at a distance. Secretly, though, Repeater yearns for love.

Cost: 200 (150 in Versus Mode)

Recharge: fast

See Also Edit



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